Mark My Ideas


There are many ideas in your mind, some are matrue and others are naive. All of these ideas will go away, some maybe never come back to your mind, even if they are really close to come true.

I’ve heard many people have done this from a very early time, with konwing they are successful, I haven’t tried. From now, I’ll mark all ideas in my mind, even if they are ridiculous sometimes.


A idea community

This a community for exchanging ideas. Everyone can mark or publish their thought whatever kinds of they are. Then the system will create a project progress under this idea, which also can note what you have done and remind you to come ture your idea according to the progress and feasiability. If your idea is public, then other people can help you or clone your idea if they are more easier to come ture.

New mode of taking after left-behind children refer to A Love Coffee for autisms in Shanghai