HIFI——Activities Helper

Idea and Design

Since the development of the smart devices and moblie web technology, the penetration rate of smart phone is getting higher and higher, which symbolizes the more convenient and itelligent life, people go everywhere taking his phone.

Wether enterprise or college, there are many assembles or activities.How about putting the smart devices and activities together?That’s must be more fun!

There only one internet company provides this kind of service called HI Activity in present.However it seems that HI Activity is specially designed for enterprises, and if you want to use more useful and enjoyable functions you should pay more for it.Not only the organizer but also the audiences who want to participate in the activing carnival have to pay for their subscribed special functions.For our students, it is too expensive to use it.So, HIFI born.

Tech Stacks

  • nodejs v8.9.0
  • express v4.16.2
  • mongodb v3.4.0
  • mongoose v4.13.2
  • vue.js v2.4.4
  • socket.io 2.0
  • bootstrap v3

Project Structure
























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directory server * directory commom includes files that connect to mongodb database and some config files. * directory controller includes files which handle the main logic of the program on the server end. * directory medel includes files that deal with the interaction with Wechat. * router design the server router and export APIs. * views includes the front end pages. * socket handle the socket correspondence. * access_token.txt and jsapi.token saved the tickes that needed to correspond to Wechat server.

directory static A static server includes static files.

Docs and Description

Quotes and Dependences